by Datadog

Fireside chat

The Modern CISO, Proactive Security: Leading through Influence and Empathy

Date & Location

June 25 | 2:50 PM EDT | Room 405.3

We used to say that leading “IT” was the toughest job in the world.  That was before the rise of roles like the CISO, CSO, BISO, and VP of Security roles were commonplace in most organizations. Movements like proactive security and DevSecOps are only successful with top down buy-in and champions through the organization that truly believe in the fundamentals. As leaders, CISOs often influence vs having direct accountable management chains in the engineering organization.  In this session with Emilio Escobar (CISO, Datadog), will join Ami Dave (CISO, Fanatics) to discuss just how to approach embedding proactive security in your organization.  They’ll dive deep on how to measure and what some of the toughest things are about securing your products whether it’s from the start or years after the product has been in the market.


by Datadog