by Datadog

Breakout Session

Service Inventories as a Foundation for Vulnerability Management

In today's world, security is not only a necessity but also the foundation upon which entire ecosystems rest. At large organizations like FanDuel, we grapple with common yet complex questions: What are the patterns among our numerous source code repositories? What constitutes the ideal state and how does that differ from what exists in production"?


The ability to build and automatically maintain a centralized inventory of our production services forms a vital cog in this machinery, central to our application security strategy. Who owns this service? When was it last deployed? Where is the code? These are all questions that sound simple but turn out to be challenging to reliably and consistently answer at scale.


In our presentation, we will demonstrate how inventory ties into vulnerability management by performing a vulnerability scan and aggregating the results in a Datadog dashboard.


Join us to learn more about FanDuel's approach to application security, along with valuable lessons at the intersection of application security, service catalog design, and vulnerability management.


by Datadog