by Datadog

Breakout Session

Navigating Cost Pressures at Scale with Rivian’s Connected Vehicle Platform

As electric vehicles increasingly become data-centric platforms, Rivian's integration of advanced digital capabilities with robust physical systems has established their fleet as sophisticated mobile data centers. This presentation, led by Beau Christensen (SRE, Rivian), addresses the unintended outcomes of proactive automation and cost-cutting strategies within connected vehicle ecosystems. It sheds light on how these approaches, while initially attractive, may inadvertently add complexities that challenge system resilience.


The modern requirement for cloud services to support vehicles throughout their entire lifecycle presents challenges to the conventional rapid development and the transient nature of many cloud solutions. We will discuss the scaling challenges in cloud ingestion, the nuances of cloud-to-vehicle connectivity, and the dynamics of managing customer interactions through mobile data access, all framed within the context of cost-efficiency efforts.


Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of how to balance cost management with the need for robust, long-lasting technology solutions in the automotive industry, gaining strategic approaches to avoid potential pitfalls in the pursuit of innovation and cost reduction.


by Datadog