by Datadog

Breakout Session

Detection as Code: Streamlining Security Operations with Terraform

Date & Location

June 26 | 1:00 PM EDT | TBD

The traditional approach to managing detection rules often involves a continuous process of manual edits, which can lead to errors, unactionable alerts, and missed events. This poses a significant challenge to effective security operations.


With "detection as code", organizations can cultivate operational confidence by ensuring that existing rules run as expected, while establishing a version-controlled source of truth for threat detection logic.

Discover how Stavvy leverages "detection as code" using Terraform to enhance security operations. Learn from our experiences, understand the benefits, and explore why we've adopted this approach as a standard across our organization.


We'll dive into detection as code and its practical implementation using Terraform and Datadog. From understanding the concept to exploring real-world examples, this session will equip you with insights to streamline security operations and enhance your organization's security posture. Whether you're new to the concept or looking to optimize your existing processes, this talk is tailored for all levels of technical expertise. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from our experiences and unlock the potential of detection as code in your environment!


by Datadog