by Datadog

Breakout session

CJ Olive Young's Journey to Bridging the Gap Between Business Operations and Infrastructure

Date & Location

June 26 | 2:00 PM EDT | Room 406.1

With a thousand brick-and-mortar stores and a successful online shop, CJ Olive Young is the most popular health and beauty product store based in South Korea. Although the company has stood out for its successful business operation, our business metrics—such as rate of sales, new memberships, and delivery statuses—were completely separated from our infrastructure and application monitoring, making it challenging for our SRE team to correlate business events with potential incidents.


As part of our move from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, we decided to invest in an end-to-end observability strategy that covers infrastructure, backend services, and frontend customer experience. What started as a technology decision ended up being also an improvement in our business operations.


Join Minju Shin, backend developer at CJ Olive Young, as she explains how improving the monitoring of business KPIs and correlating them with infrastructure telemetry allowed us to react in time and improve reliability during sales peak seasons and other promotion events.

by Datadog