by Datadog

Breakout Session

Arcane: Open-Source Kubernetes Native Streaming Framework with Focus on Simplicity & Costs

Date & Location

June 26 | 1:00 PM EDT | TBD

When, at ECCO, we started considering Apache Kafka/Flink as our streaming framework we had two major concerns: operating costs and maintenance. Ideally, we wanted a solution that was truly Kubernetes native: Scalable, simple, and resilient while at the same time able to run at various quality of service levels, from spot to guaranteed.

This talk will explore our story behind developing Arcane, our in-house streaming solution leveraging Akka.NET and the Kubernetes Operator Pattern. We’ll cover the key benefits of Arcane. From the simplicity of operations to the minimal overhead and vast scalability.

We plan to open source Arcane in time for Dash 2024.


by Datadog