Journey to a Service-Oriented Architecture at 1,000-Engineer Scale

July 12

Tiffany Low
Tech Lead, Shared Services
Airbnb / Full Bio

Willie Yao
Engineering Manager, Observability
Airbnb / Full Bio

In the evolution of a company’s architecture, there is an inflection point at which the increase in productivity and scalability of a decoupled service-oriented architecture outweighs the investment necessary to adopt a new architecture. At Airbnb, we are in the midst of a multiyear plan to feature-freeze our monolith at a time when we’ve already scaled to 1,000 engineers and have to support the high-velocity feature development and growth of three different businesses (Homes, Experiences, and Lux). We will share Airbnb’s learnings from adopting a service-oriented architecture under an environment of demanding development velocity and high organizational headwind.

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