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SRE in Practice: SLO Management and Collaborative Investigations

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August 02 | 10:00 AM PDT | Room 2004

When it comes to site reliability engineering (SRE), service availability is a prerequisite to success. Managing and tracking availability over time can help you prioritize development initiatives and pace of change in your services. Service level objectives (SLOs) help you understand the true health of your services and how your end users experience them. As such, SLOs play an important role in measuring and improving the availability and performance of your applications.  In this workshop, you will identify critical user journeys in a web application, determine appropriate service level indicators (SLI), and create SLOs in Datadog to track service availability. You will then collaborate with your team to respond to an availability degradation. In the end, you will better understand how to improve your SLOs and general observability posture.

by Datadog