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Monitor and Analyze Critical User Flows with Synthetic and Real User Monitoring

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August 02 | 2:00 PM PDT | Room 2001

In the real world, applications will have intermittent, hard-to-reproduce bugs that are difficult to quickly identify and squash. In this workshop, we will learn how to combine Datadog’s Synthetic Monitoring and Real User Monitoring (RUM) with systems thinking to identify, understand, and help our teams resolve real-world issues like flaky API responses, client-side errors, and user frustration and monitor them for future regressions. We will combine tools like: Funnels and Heatmaps to see what our users are doing and where they are going Session Replays and Frustration Signals to understand what our logs aren’t telling us about how users are actually experiencing our application Synthetic browser and API tests to gather data, test assumptions, and proactively monitor our critical user flows Whether you’re new to Datadog or already comfortable exploring your logs, traces, and Metrics, this workshop can help you get the most out of Datadog Synthetic Monitoring and RUM.

by Datadog