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Datadog 101: Site Reliability Engineer PM

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August 02 | 2:00 PM PDT | Room 2008

Datadog’s core tools are tailored to SREs and provide both a bird’s-eye view of your entire infrastructure as well as the ability to zoom in on individual processes. In this workshop, you will learn to instrument multiple services in an e-commerce web application to enable application performance monitoring (APM) trace collection and profiling. You will then filter and interpret logs and Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) data from your application in order to diagnose performance issues. Finally, you will create a monitor that will notify you of any changes in the metrics, as well as a dashboard that will help you visualize important telemetry. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to use Datadog to analyze the past, observe the present, and optimize the future of your application infrastructure.

by Datadog